DRIVEN: Jadakiss (Part 1) [VIDEO]


Not many rappers who have traded bars with The Notorious B.I.G. are still relevant in 2013.  Jadakiss is one of those rappers. The Yonkers veteran and oft-time rap historian sat down with STASHED to talk about his legacy as an MC as well as his longevity in Hip-Hop in this week’s episode of DRIVEN.

If you’ve paid attention to the rapper’s twitter feed a few weeks ago, you’d notice that the veteran’s patience is starting to wear thin. “Invest in yourself FUCK A LABEL! @defjam!!! Big boy dialogue,” Kiss wrote in an angry tweet a few weeks back.

The rapper has been promoting his solo effort, Top Five Dead Or Alive, for a number of years although there is no release date in site for the project. “You can dumb it down without dumbing it down, especially if you are on a song with a bunch of dumb downed-ness,” explained Kiss to STASHED. “It’s really actually easier now which ain’t so cool about it…the simplicity of it is what making it cool, but if you dig deep into that there are still some people that love good lyrics.”

Is there a lack of expert lyricists winning right now? Possibly, depending on who you ask. But if you listen closely to this interview you’ll start to see exactly where Jada’s frustrations were building that led to his blow up on Def Jam Records.

Check out the Jadakiss on the latest episode of the STASHED original series, DRIVEN.



Photo Credit: Ernest Estime.

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