STASHED Chats: Casey Veggies (Part 1)


Fresh from completing his PNCXX tour with Travis $cott, Casey Veggies sits down with STASHED TV for the second episode of the original series, Homegrown. In the first part of the sit-down with the Customized Greatly rapper, Veggies speaks about growing in up Inglewood, California and how his surroundings shaped him as an artist.

Despite being born around the time that Snoop Dogg’s DoggyStyle came out (yeah, we just made you feel real old) the PNCINTL rapper talks about having to go back and do his homework since he wasn’t all that aware at his age. He also goes on to reminisce on the first rap he ever spit in his life.

“I remember one of my first raps, I was at school with the homies and I was telling them that I rap and stuff, and I remember that I spit it and they had just started laughing at me,” Casey recalls. “The flow I spit, I remember one of the lines was like ‘these dudes kick flows, but they need to learn karate…’ that was the line I said and I remember they started laughing.  I was like, man. I got to go back to the drawing boards.”

Check out part one of the second installment of Homegrown with Casey Veggies down under the hood.


Photo Credit: Paul Worgul

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