DRIVEN – Jadakiss (Part 2) [VIDEO]


So we aren’t completely sure, but Jadakiss might be a prophet. Let us explain.

Before we launched STASHED we sat down with Jadakiss for an interview for the original series, DRIVEN. In this sit-down, the battle tested rapper went on to speak about the need for a great rap battle and went on to name-drop Kendrick Lamar. Clearly, this is before Kendrick dropped the “Control” verse that has had the world talking since August 12th, but the founding father of The Lox went on to wax poetic about the missing element of competition.

“When you build a fanbase in this game, they like you for what they like you for. They don’t want me to be Kendrick, or do what Kendrick do and they don’t want Kendrick to do what they like Kiss for,” said Jadakiss.

“A battle is very therapeutic for Hip-Hop,” Kiss stated. “Be it two backpackers, two niggas with felonies, whoever it is. Hip-Hop, the media, you guys, the radio, the bloggers, everybody…nobody downplays a good battle. From Kool Mo Dee, to the beginning. Hopefully one comes around that isn’t too fabricated and is all about lyrics. Cause now one thing with the social media is it gets out of hands cause it gets deeper than the music…as long as it stays in lyrics, battles is always good.”

Check out Jada’s full interview on part 2 of the STASHED original series, DRIVEN.

Photo Credit: Ernest Estime. 

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