STASHED Chats: Dom Kennedy’s ‘Get Home Safely’ [VIDEO]

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Dom Kennedy returns to STASHED for the first time since his episode of ‘Homegrown‘ to talk about his latest effort, Get Home Safely. On Sessions, the rapper speaks at length about the response the project has gotten, working with Nipsey Hussle and the influence his city has on his music.

“No song on Get Home Safely, nobody can duplicate or make,” said Kennedy. “I’ve been doing it for a while so you know before I went any further like with the songs like “My Type Of Party” off of Yellow Album, I know I can make those type of songs but it was important for me to tell my story first and let people know who I am as a man and as a person, you know? It’s really a short excerpt of my life.

Check out Part 1 of SESSIONS with Dom Kennedy’s Get Home Safely and make sure to purchase the album right here if you haven’t yet.


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