The “Knockout Game” Is Spreading Across The U.S. [VIDEO]

knockout game

The “Knock Out Game” seems to be the latest obsession amongst teens in the United States. Apparently, individuals are targeting unsuspecting pedestrians with a forceful punch to the face. Being that most victims are knocked out and obviously unaware of what occurred, police across the country are investigating whether recent random attacks are part of this disturbing new trend that’s quickly spreading.

Several news reports show that no one’s exempt from these blows, which have proven to be deadly. In September, a 46-year-old Jersey man was found with his neck broken and head wedged between iron fence posts. Two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old were charged as juveniles in his murder.

A Michigan victim fought back. Instead of delivering a punch, 17-year-old Marvell Weaver tried to attack the victim with a taser but it failed to work. The victim who was carrying a legal concealed .40 caliber pistol shot Weaver twice. Weaver has since been charged and sentenced to one year behind bars.

State legislators are working to enforce special charges for these unsuspecting assaults.

“Clearly, these are not young gentlemen — they’re punks, they’re thugs, they’re cowards,” Said Jim Tedisco, Republican New York State assemblyman, according to CBS New York.

Until those laws are made and these folks get a grip, watch your back.

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