STASHED Chats: Nipsey Hussle (Part 1) [VIDEO]

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When you look back on people who had an excellent year in 2013, one of the artists you can look toward is Nipsey Hussle. The rapper from Crenshaw not only delivered on one of the better projects of 2013, he delivered on one of the most shrewd business motifs in music.

With his Proud 2 Pay movement, he began a grassroots marketing campaign in which he charged people $100 to purchase his album. Billed as “The World’s First $100 Album,” Nip encouraged fans to “Be A Part Of History,” as he only pressed 1,000 CDs, which went on sale October 8 at his Los Angeles pop-up shop.

The word spread like wildfire, and after tailor-making his experience to his core fanbase, he caught the attention of the music world and Roc Nation head honcho JAY Z, who bought 100 copies of the $100 CD. In a recent sit-down with STASHED, the rapper reflects on his whirlwind year which included a dust-up with Complexassumptions on hood artists not being smart, and many more.

Check out the first two videos under the hood.


Photo Credit: Garrett Kafchinski

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Kazeem Famuyide

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  • Yea dats what the fuk I’m talkin bout!

  • Nip hussle’s tha business. Got his head on right. fasho.

  • Francisco

    Victory lap is gonna teach me about life!

  • ShyRonea

    Nipsey Hussle need to be giving an award.
    He has realeased several albums in 2013, he continues to show consistency in his passion.
    He is #1 as far as I’m concerned he deserves to get recognized. He is an exstrodinary rapper!!
    I will continue to support you and what you do. I ready for the next album to drop NH I’m with you every step of the way…… :) :)