August Alsina ft. Jeezy – “Make It Home” [STREAM]


August Alsina has a way with words. On his latest record, “Make It Home,” he delves into his rough past, which a lot of fans should be familiar with from previous projects. The New Orleans crooner links with Jeezy on this one to cover the worst-case scenario.

“As an artist, I struggle with how much of myself to give to the people,” said August. “How much I want my personal business to be judged. I think the EP struck a good balance of who I am and what I’ve been through, but that was just the beginning. Nothing is held back on Testimony. When people hear my story, and see that I came from nothing, they’ll see that it’s possible for them too.”

The Featherstones-produced track is cowritten by The Exclusives. “Make It Home” is the first single off Alsina’s forthcoming debut album Testimony, which will drop April 15.

Photo Credit: Blaze Radio

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