STASHED Chats: Hit-Boy Reveals All To STASHED [VIDEO]

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It’s been a long ride for Hit-Boy since the last time he talked with STASHED. The Grammy award-winning super producer is coming off of a big year after producing hit singles for Beyoncé (“XO,” “Flawless, “Bow Down”), Drake (“Trophies”), Jay Z (“Somewhereinamerica”) and more. But you knew all of that.

Mr. Hollis was also the brainchild behind his record label HS87, which re-birthed the group Audio Push. Along with a compilation mixtape titled All I Ever Dreamed Of, Hit-Boy executive produced the critically acclaimed mixtape Come As You Are. The trio ended up going on tour with Lil Wayne as well.

All of that success, however, hasn’t come without criticism and a bit of frustration. For the first time ever, the platinum-selling producer opens up more than he ever has to STASHED. Hit-Boy speaks to us about the lukewarm reception his debut solo project received and how much it’s shaped who he is now. “Man, I was just so excited to be in a light where people was paying attention to what I was doing that I was anxious to get it out,” explains Hit. “I feel like I needed that. I needed to put some stuff out there that didn’t ‘wow’ the people. Cause I’m going to appreciate it the next time I put some s**t out that I know is cold, you feel me?”

Also, he explains his disappointment with the release of “Trophies.” “Frustration is an understatement,” Hit-Boy said laughingly. “But it’s all love. I got respect for Drake. He knows what’s best for him, and he’s been dictating his career since day one. So I’m not going to come in and be like ‘you got to use this song!’ You know what I’m saying? He had ‘Worst Behavior’ and some other joints that was smacking and now it’s time for ‘Trophies’ to tear these ni**as apart!”

It’s one of Hit-Boy’s most revealing interviews of his career, and one that shows that he’s just getting started. The producer/artist reveals who he’s working with in the near future, what to expect from his next solo project, and more. Also, the music you are hearing in the background is a never-before-heard Hit-Boy instrumental that will belong to a returning rapper in the near future.

Excited yet? Sit down and check out this nearly 20-minute-long interview with the HS87 head honcho down below.


Photo Credit: Paul Worgul

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