STASHED Chats: Hit Boy’s Father, Big Hit, Opens Up on “G’z Dont Cry” [VIDEO]

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Last week, Hit Boy and his HS87 crew released their latest group compilation project We The Plug. The standout single, “Grindin’ My Whole Life,” featured a scene-stealing verse from the Grammy-winning producer’s father known simply as Big Hit.

Despite appearing alongside the talented crew for his first big exposure as an artist, the recently-freed-from-prison father of the “Trophies” producer did more than hold his own on the song. In fact, many people went as far as saying that it was Big Hit who stole the show on “Grindin.”

“Yeah, the crew has told me about it,” Big Hit told STASHED when asked about the social media response to his debut record. “People respect the real, whether it’s in music or in the streets.” Big Hit, who just launched a new Twitter account, spent close to 16 years incarcerated for a number of charges that ranged from drugs to weapons possession; however, his time in jail didn’t stop his music dreams even as he saw his son’s rise from inside the state penitentiary.

“I always knew this was going to happen,” Big Hit said about his son’s success. “We always did music so when I would see (Hit-Boy) in magazines and on the radio I was proud but I wasn’t surprised. I’d tell people on the inside like ‘hey, that’s my son’ and they wouldn’t believe me but then I’d tell them ‘peep the last name, homie!’ (laughs).”

Now as Big Hit gets ready to put his music dreams into high gear. he debuts his first single and video for “G’z Don’t Cry,” a departure from the hardcore content he spit on “Grindin’ My Whole Life.” “The song and video is about how real G’z are going to cry sometimes,” said Big Hit. “Everybody thinks if you a gangsta you ain’t never going to cry but if you ever lose somebody close to you, if you lose one of your good homies, that’s going to happen to you. It don’t make you any less of a man but it’s just about being real. It’s life.”

STASHED is proud to premiere the solo debut from Big Hit “G’z Don’t Cry” produced by Hit-Boy. Check out the Topshelf Junior-directed video below.

Photo Credit: Topshelf

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