Jay Z & Mariah Carey Introduce New Beverage Lines – “40/40” & “Butterfly”


When you reach the prolific status of Jay Z and Mariah Carey, then you’re able to brand any product imaginable. For them, the decision was clear. Beverages. The two recently announced their respective beverage lines 40/40 and Butterfly, which will be shipped out to 7,500 Walgreens and Duane Reades in the coming weeks. They launched their new ventures with record executive Kevin Liles under his new brand Go N’Syde.

Jay Z’s 40/40 is named after his famous nightclub and is an Arnold Palmer-esque beverage that is intended to target the male sports fans. Carey’s Butterfly is the typical girly girl drink you’d expect from the pop diva and is targeting the young to middle-aged female demographic. Both bottles run for the retail price of $1.99.

In addition to drinking your favorite artist’s new beverage, if you have a smartphone, you can scan the can and get the latest scoop on Hov and Mariah. “I never dreamed that I could have an interactive experience with my fans while drinking my own beverage,” Carey said in a statement. “The whole concept is innovative and refreshing and the drink is beyond.”

I’m personally looking forward to trying 40/40, if I do say so myself.

via Forbes

Photo Credit: NYTimes

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