T.I. ft. Iggy Azalea – “No Mediocre” [VIDEO]


Men everywhere praised the release of T.I.’s latest video “No Mediocre,” especially the all-women soccer scene. The Atlanta rapper premiered the visual last night during his screening event in New York City.

“There were no Brazilian porn stars harmed in the making of this video,” he joked at the event. The visual shows Tip surrounded by a nice variety of non-mediocre women while Iggy Azalea showcases her dance moves. At one point, she puts on her best model walk and struts for the camera.

T.I. also previewed records off his forthcoming album Paperwork at the screening. During his sit down with Lil Duval, he gave some insight on a few of the records and his recording style. “I approach my music as blue collar, working class sh*t even though my life may not be none of the sort,” he said.

T.I.’s Paperwork will be here later this year.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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