Photographer Chris Gualano Highlights PKG, I Love Ugly, and more in Latest Editorial [PHOTOS]

Canadian photographer Chris Gualano is slowly but surely becoming regularly featured on STASHED. And for good reason. Not only does he snap images of some of our favorite brands, but the shooter that goes by the alias of North Trooper seems to have a knack for location scouting as well. Just last week, we offered a look at his ICNY shoot that took place an impressive 80 stories up in Toronto’s skyline. For his latest editorial, he shifts his focus out of the urban environment and into nature.

Taking to the Scarborough Bluffs, which once again reside in Toronto and are known for their engaging scenery and alluring beach line, the photo set features garments from I Love Ugly, boots from Lanona Co, and a backpack from PKG. Check out the editorial from Gualano in the gallery above, and check out more of his work here.


Photo Credit: Chris Gualano

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