Premiere: Latasha Alcindor Is in Her Own World in New Visual, “The Island” [VIDEO]


Latasha Alcindor (also known as L.A.) has never been short on confidence. Since the start of her music career, she’s worked at giving potential fans more than simplistic rhymes and familiar stories. On first listen, you’ll notice that her music has always been deeper than that. She fearlessly tackles socially conscious topics often, and still intrigues with her unique approach.

Although it’s been quite a while since we’ve last heard from L.A., that time away has proved rather valuable. Today, she premieres a fun and colorful visual for “The Island.” The Fro Casso-directed video shows the young star as she dances away to Sam Katz’s uptempo beat. She moves freely as she passionately spits rhymes about faith, self-love, and recognizing her own strength.

“Show us happy. Show us free. Show us being,” says L.A. regarding the visual, which is sponsored by 88 Days of Fortune. “Listen to the words and hear that we too are woke.”

As fun as L.A.’s latest offering is, it doesn’t mask the spark many have come to recognize. “The Island” does just what it’s supposed to do: brighten this Brooklyn born artist’s glow. Take it all in above.


Photo Credit: Noah Bility

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