Snapchat Story Explorer Gives You Live Story Moments From More Perspectives [VIDEO]

Snapchat offers extended live story moments.

Snapchat has announced that it’s expanding the app’s Live Stories feature with the launch of a new tool called Story Explorer. After the debut of several speed modifier filters and a pay to replay feature, Snapchat is now turning its attention to its newest update, which the company says will “celebrate the power of different perspectives.”

Snapchat’s Story Explorer tool provides users with a more in-depth look at Snapchat Stories. For every Snap within a Story that users see, Story Explorer offers up additional Snaps from that moment that have been shared by other users. It’s almost like the video equivalent of clicking a hashtag and seeing what everyone else is saying, or in this case, filming.

At the moment, the Story Explorer option is offered to users based on location. In other words, users in different cities will have different stories that they can look at from a variety of perspectives. A sporting event, concert, or protest are just some examples of Stories that are ideal for utilizing the Story Explorer tool.

Starting today, a few Snaps about local topics will appear in each Story shared by users in New York City and Los Angeles (other markets will soon follow). All you have to do is find a Snap that interests you, and then swipe up to see more Snaps of that moment from different perspectives. Some of the current Stories New Yorkers can explore are the Union Square Christmas Market and the Duke vs. Georgetown game which is taking place tonight at Madison Square Garden.

Sharing the news on Twitter earlier, Snapchat explained that it groups Snaps together in Story Explorer based on a number of factors, including “time/place, some computer vision, and more.”

Snapchat is rolling out the new feature just as Facebook is testing out its new self-deleting messages feature. And as Snapchat stays ahead of its social media peers with new features, you can do the same by trying these Snapchat tricks to improve your stories.


Photo Credit: CNN Money

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