Here’s The First Apple Smart Battery Case For iPhone

Apple has been getting in on some new accessory action lately. Last month the tech giant debuted its first official Apple Watch charging dock. Now, there’s an official Apple smart battery case for iPhone 6 and 6s. Not only is the case the latest charging product directly from Apple itself, it’s also the company’s very first foray into the portable battery business.

Designed for use with the iPhone 6s and 6, the first Apple smart battery case is intended to extend the battery life of both models to that of the larger iPhone 6s Plus. Along with the primary objective of giving you more battery power, the smart battery case also provides some convenience that’s atypical of third-party designs. Rather than go the route of the traditional portable battery case, Apple’s forgoes two interlocking parts, and instead uses a one-piece case made out of silicon that proves easy to take on and off. Other benefits of the bendable material include shock absorption and an ample grip. The case also manages to keep the screen of your iPhone from landing against the sidewalk thanks to a microfiber inner lining.

As for the battery life of Apple’s first smart battery case, iPhone 6s users will be afforded 25 hours of additional talk time, 20 hours of HD video playback, and 18 hours of LTE web browsing. You can monitor the battery life of the smart case both on the phone’s lock screen, as well as in the Notification Center. Like most Apple products at present (and for the forseeable future), the smart battery case can be charged with a Lightning cable.

The Apple smart battery case for iPhone 6 and 6s is now available in White and Charcoal Grey for $99 both online and in-store via Apple. And if you’re someone that drops your phone a lot, hopefully UFC fighter Luke Rockhold will dish out some more brutal reviews of Apple products in the near future.

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Photo Credit: Apple

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