The Nintendo NX Console Might Have a Full Touchscreen Front Panel

Nintendo NX console full touchscreen front panel patent application.

Much to the dismay of eager gamers, Nintendo has been successfully keeping a lid on details about its upcoming Nintendo NX handheld console. Earlier this year, rumors about the Nintendo NX running on an Android OS sparked plenty of interest, but those rumors were debunked no more than 24 hours later. The latest rumor about the Nintendo’s forthcoming console, however, seems to have a bit more weight.

According to a report by The Verge, five Nintendo employees have filed a patent application for a very unusual gamepad that could be a controller, or the Nintendo NX console itself. The description of the design indicates that the gamepad features a touchscreen that would own almost all of the real estate on the device’s front panel. The patent also notes that the panel has two notches that would house analog sticks, as well as two trigger buttons located on the device’s shoulders, and a card slot in between them. What’s more, the patent details that the touchscreen could be LCD or OLED (Nintendo is rumored to be using Sharp’s free-form display for an unspecified project) and may possibly utilize glasses-free 3D technology akin to that of the Nintendo 3DS. Lastly, the gamepad would come equipped with a built-in speaker.

In addition to listing the gamepad’s in-game functionalities, the patent also highlights the non-gaming applications of the device. These include smartphone-like status updates and web browsing on the touchscreen. Additionally, rotating the gamepad on its side would let you view the screen upright like a tablet.

Announcing the project at a press conference back in March, the late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata described the Nintendo NX as “a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept.” Whether the console turns out to be a single gamepad or part of a mobile and stationary console pairing, this latest patent application seems to be in line with Iwata’s description.

Nintendo promises to reveal more details about the Nintendo NX gaming console in 2016. For now, take a gander at images from the patent application below to start imagining the possibilities of next generation gaming.





















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