Listmas: STASHED Presents the Top 40 Best Albums of 2015 (40-21)

STASHED Presents the Top 40 Best Albums Of 2015 (40-21)

It’s about that time, STASHED readers. Listmas is back once again, and we are counting down the best of everything that went down in the year 2015. We’ve never been shy when it comes to our opinions on music, so with that we bring you the always fun countdown of the best albums of 2015.

It was a banner year for music releases, most notably for hip-hop artists, who put out a slew of great albums this year. Whatever type of music you were into, 2015 had something for you. From the ratchets, to the conscious, to the flashy and everything in between, there’s something that dropped this year that was right up your alley.

While STASHED’s staff had a pretty rough time narrowing down a list of 40, we included a few special inserts of albums that were simply too good for us to ignore. Also, there were a few albums that we just flat-out ignored. We’re sure you’ll let us know all about it in the comments section or on social media, so let us have it.

Without further ado, check out part 1 of STASHED’s best albums of 2015, and check back in tomorrow for part 2 of the best of 2015. Merry Listmas!

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