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Another week, another #2ThingsTuesday! For those who might be a bit dim on what exactly this #2ThingsTuesday initiative is, it’s an art project that puts the habitual purchases of artists, designers, and other influencers under a microscope. Along with listing the two items that they find themselves buying most frequently, each participant in the series will shed some light on why they’re partial to the chosen products, and how those items play a part in their day-to-day lives. Artist NO MAYO helps to enhance each participant’s essentials with some hand-drawn graphics.

In this week’s installment we present Yaya Mazurkevich, STASHED’s Director of Integrated Marketing and one of New York City’s busiest but most fabulous women. For her two things, Yaya chose two essentials: breath mints and tampons. Seems odd, but what other two things in the world truly describe the life of a working lady? Keep reading to find out more.

On Altoids:

“Well, being a woman is hard work, and living this crazy life that I chose makes it a bit more challenging. As a businesswoman I have to constantly be at events and meetings, shaking hands and running around. That’s not much fun when your breath isn’t poppin’. You don’t want to be that woman introducing yourself and having the other person take a step back because you have kitten breath. It’s not cute – prevent that shit from happening with some mints =].”

On Tampons:

I know most of you ladies/dudes reading this may be like: “why in the hell would she pick tampons!???” But, I do have to consistently buy them and that is what I was asked to answer (I keep it real and face my reality). Life isn’t all glitter and unicorns, and like women everywhere, I get my period and pay bills (Womp Womp). I typically go for an organic product, but most retailers don’t supply that option so any tampon I can keep in my purses is cool. I like to be prepared. My “on the go” lifestyle requires me to always be ready for whatever.

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