Apple Developing High Quality Audio Format To Launch In 2016

Apple Developing Its Own High Quality Audio Format.

The latest news on the Apple front is adding some fuel to rumors that the company plans to ditch the iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack. Japanese blog Mac Otakara (the same source that reported the Apple would be replacing iPhone headphone jacks with an audio-enabled Lightning port) is reporting that Apple is now developing its own high quality audio format that’s rumored to be launching via Apple Music in 2016.

Apple‘s new Hi-Res audio format would lend itself to audio files of 96kHz/24bit. That’s a larger file size than an MP3, and it would require users to stream music instead of storing it directly on their smartphones. According to Mac Otakara‘s report, many high-end audio manufacturers plan to accommodate Apple’s new and enhanced audio format by adding audio cables for Lightning to their product line in the new year.

Photo Credit: PC Advisor

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