STASHED x No Mayo Present #2ThingsTuesday: @ToryLanez

STASHED x No Mayo Present #2ThingsTuesday: Tory Lanez


Admit it. You love you some #2ThingsTuesdays. It is in our innate nature to be as nosy as possible and STASHED satisfies that useless personality trait with this weekly series. The #2ThingsTuesday initiative is, it’s an art project that puts the habitual purchases of artists, designers, and other influencers under a microscope. Along with listing the two items that they find themselves buying most frequently, each participant in the series will shed some light on why they’re partial to the chosen products, and how those items play a part in their day-to-day lives. Artist NO MAYO helps to enhance each participant’s essentials with some hand-drawn graphics.

This week, we turn the scope on breakout Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer Tory Lanez. The 23-year-old “Say It” singer has had a banner year in 2015. Even though he’s made his mark on the year by signing to Benny Blacno’s Mad Love Records by way of Interscope Records, he plans to end the year off with a bang by releasing two EPs this Christmas. While most of our past guests have been pretty wordy, Lanez keeps it short and simple about what he needs in his life. Hit the jump after the gif to check out with Tory keeps with him at all times.



White Shoes: “I buy white shoes all the time. They always get dirty, which is why I have to keep buying them.”
Condoms: “I buy condoms; Magnums to be exact. You gotta stay safe.”
Photo Credit: NO MAYO
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