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Last month, STASHED announced its collaboration with NO MAYO for #2ThingsTuesday, an art project that puts the habitual purchases of artists, designers, and other influencers under a microscope. Along with listing the two items that they find themselves buying most frequently, each participant in the series will shed some light on why they’re partial to the chosen products, and how those items play a part in their day-to-day lives. Artist NO MAYO helps to enhance each participant’s essentials with some hand-drawn graphics.

Today, we’re revealing the two things frequently bought by Dave East. The Harlem artist has been taking the rap world by storm for some time now. He caught Nas’ ear in 2014, signed a deal with Mass Appeal, and has continued drop new material. He recently released his highly praised mixtape, Hate Me Now. Since then, he’s delivered visuals for “Numb” and “KD,” and has gone on record to speak about his relationship with Nas. Fans can look forward to a documentary in the coming weeks.

Continue to see why Dave East constantly buys weed and Nike Tech sweatsuits. We’re sure both will help him get through this NYC weather.

On buying weed:

“I’m a Gemini so I have so many different moods,” says East with a laugh” “It’s one of the things that balances me out.”

On buying Nike Tech sweatsuits:

“I buy Nike Tech sweatsuits because it’s the most comfortable clothing out. It has the perfect balance between fashion and comfort.”

Take a look our past installments with our STASHED EIC Kaz and THE KID MERO.

Photo Credit: No Mayo

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