BoomStick Enhances The Sound Quality of Average Headphones

Boomstick device improves headphone sound quality

Pretty good just isn’t good enough. That’s how most music lovers should feel about the standard issue earbuds that come with your typical smartphone or tablet. Enjoying a superior quality of sound however, usually requires you to throw down a few hundred bucks for some upscale headphones. BoomStick is the solution for those looking to blast crisper beats on a budget.

BoomStick is a small, remote-like device that plugs into your headphones or earbuds and filters through the noise to get you more out of your music. With the press of a button, BoomStick changes the way you hear your favorite songs through mediocre, inexpensive  headphones. In addition to enabling listeners to enjoy richer bass, the add-on device brings to the surface bits of music that would otherwise go unnoticed when listening with modest headphones.

BoomStick’s $99 price tag isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s certainly more affordable than buying some of the high-end audio products offered by companies like Beats By Dre. Say hello to a fiscally responsible way to squeeze the juice out of the headphones.


Photo Credit: Josh Valcarcel/Wired

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