Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” Gets Covered By Craig David [VIDEO]

Craig David

2015 was a year of many things—artist comebacks included. The past twelve months were filled with the return of some of music’s most beloved artists including Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, JoJo, and Craig David. And though the latter’s smooth re-entry may have flown under a few radars, he’s been making it fairly hard to ignore all he’s been offering in recent weeks.

Back in September, UK crooner Craig David gave the world a beautiful cover of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again.” It wasn’t long before he followed up with a song of his own titled “When The Bassline Drops.” Since then, we’ve witnessed him cover Drake’s “Hotlline Bling,” Stormy’s “Shut Up,” and more. Now, he’s taking on a record from Justin Bieber’s Purpose LP.

On BBC Radio 1 earlier today, Craig David delivered a funky cover of Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” The rawness of the original record has been a hit with fans, and it remains in tact on this new rendition. Another treat he let off today was the acoustic version of “When The Bassline Drops.”

There’s no word on a new album. With so many hit records to choose from, especially from the past year, we’re sure Craig David will be around for a while.

Photo Credit: BBC Radio 1Xtra

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