Leah Still Hung With LeBron James And Hit A Dab After Cavs Game


Leah Still, the daughter of former Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still, has been cancer-free since December of 2015. The little girl who has stolen everyone’s heart as she battled through and defeated cancer, took in the Wizards and Cavaliers game last night an even inspired LeBron James to a 34 point and 10 rebound outing that was enough to lead his team to a 121-115 victory.

“Absolutely,” James said (via ESPN) when asked if Leah being there provided some additional motivation. “I knew she was going to be there tonight, and her and Zhuri, my baby girl, are my two favorite women in the world. They’re just unbelievable. I know my mom and my wife will be a little bit jealous, but they got to take a backseat to those two. Just her strength and her courage and what she’s been through over the last few years, man, it’s uplifting to all of us, and it’s always great seeing her, for sure.”

“I got a daughter, and then just also being a father and seeing what Devon was going through at the time to keep that strength and keep his composure when his daughter was going through what she was going through, it just resonated, man,” James said. “And from that point on, we became good friends, and I’m good friends with Devon.”

Not only did Leah get to hang with the King after the game concluded, she dabbed on them folk to the tune of Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” during the game.

Check out the video below and try not to be absorbed by all of the cuteness.

Photo Credit: Instagram.

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