LeBron James’ Agency, LRMR, Dumps Johnny Manziel

LRMR Severs Ties With Johnny Manziel

To say that Cleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel, is having a bad 2016 is an understatement. There are rumors that he flew to Las Vegas the day before the final game of the season to party in a wig an a mustache, the Browns have made it clear that they are ready to get rid of him, and was recently pulled over and ticketed last Saturday morning on January 2nd for driving his car with expired license plates.

As if that wasn’t enough, LeBron James marketing firm LRMR has cut ties with the troubled signal-caller. LeBron’s best friend and business partner, Maverick Carter, is severing ties professionally with Manziel but maintain that they will still support him personally.

“I will continue to support and advise him as a friend,” Carter said. “However, because Johnny needs to focus on personal growth, the next phase of his career and because LRMR continues to expand beyond marketing, we made the mutual decision that it was best to terminate our business relationship.”

LeBron chimed in on Manziel’s personal struggles the day before news broke, keeping it as political as possible while letting Mav handle the dirty work.

“I’m not quite sure, I don’t know all the details on it. I’ve really kind of haven’t been all up on it, but I’ve heard a little of it,” LeBron said to ESPN. “It’s just a distraction for not only himself, but for everyone that’s around him, including family, people that represent him, the people that are around him. And he’ll figure it out at some point. We all hope.”

Talk less of professionally, hopefully Manziel lands on his feet as a man before even thinking about stepping on a football field.

Photo Credit: STARZ.

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