Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Universal Remote Control With Peel

Peel App Turns Apple Watch Into Universal Remote

The Apple Watch can now give you a little more of a return on your investment thanks to Peel, a smart remote maker whose app can command over 400,000 models of home electronics. No more first-world problems like keeping tabs on your remotes or getting up when you want to turn on your wireless speakers. Here’s your chance to lower the daily totals on your Fitbit tracker and act like someone who owns an opulent robot mini-fridge.

An extension of the Peel Smart Remote iOS app, the company’s Apple Watch lets you control all your TVs, DVD players, and streaming devices straight from your wrist. The app is capable of operating through Wi-Fi, but in most cases, commands from your Apple Watch to third-party electronics will require Pronto hardware (available for $49.99 through outlets like Amazon, New Egg, and Best Buy). Pronto’s 360-degree IR blaster is what converts Apple devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch into a universal remote control. The device, which connects to your iPhone and Apple Watch through Bluetooth technology, should be placed in your entertainment center to provide the necessary IR capabilities.

In addition to controlling devices around the house, the Peel’s Apple Watch app provides users a TV guide with tailored recommendations based on preferences and past viewing history. Recommendations improve the more you use the Peel app. When you find a movie or TV show that piques your interests, just tap on the corresponding thumbnail image to start watching. The app also makes recommendations across streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, and lets you change channels on your TV through the app’s “Remote” section.







Peel’s Smart Remote app currently boasts 135 million registered users around the globe. To start ruling your domain from with your Apple wearable, download the app now on iTunes. You may also want to pick up Apple’s first official Apple Watch charging dock to ensure that your go-to remote for everything stays powered up and doesn’t wind up getting accidentally get knocked off the nightstand when you make a groggy dash for the snooze button.

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Photo Credit: Peel

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