Premiere: Smoke DZA And Wale – “Absolutely Perfect” [STREAM]


STASHED is quickly becoming your one-stop shop for snarky wrestling raps, isn’t it? Only a few weeks after Wale dropped off the Sasha Banks tribute, “Legit Boss,” he’s back with another Hip-Hop wrestling mark in Smoke DZA for their latest. It’s called “Absolutely Perfect,” and this track pays tribute to one of the greatest WWE Intercontinental Champions of all time in Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig.

While Wale has currently been at the forefront of bridging Hip-Hop and pro wrestling as of late, Smoke DZA has been an artist who has done it for years through his critically acclaimed Ringside mixtape series, in which the Harlem resident flips entrance music of classic WWE superstars into current heat.

Produced by 183rd, Wale and DZA turn into the Tully and Arn Anderson of Hip-Hop as they trade wrestling bars over a slightly tweaked version of Mr. Perfect’s iconic and regal entrance music. For the marks keeping score at home, wrestlers that you can hear name-dropped throughout this song aside from the song’s namesake include Bobby Heenan, The Genius, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, and more that I probably haven’t caught yet.

Get a listen to another STASHED world premiere with Wale and Smoke DZA on “Absolutely Perfect” up top.

Photo Credit: John Sparkz

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