Uber Now Offers Riders News, Music, and Other Content Tailored To Every Trip

Uber will offer riders news, music, and more content tailored to your trip.

Uber is already taking steps to cut down your wait time for a car in the new year. Now, the company wants to ensure you get more out of a trip than just a smooth ride from point A to point B. The ride-sharing app is giving riders the option to enjoy curated content that’s tailored to each trip.

Uber’s recently launched “Ride Request Button” isn’t the ride-hailing app’s only link to third-party apps. The Verge is reporting that the latest update to Uber’s API includes a feature the company is calling “Trip Experiences.” The new feature enables app developers to display an Uber button that, with the user’s permission, would allow a third-party app to obtain information about a particular ride. Using information specific to the user and the trip, Uber would curate various types of content for the ride. The tailored content could include things like a 30-minute playlist for a long ride, or a 5-minute news brief for shorter trips. The new feature would certainly make your trip more enjoyable, but bear in mind that Uber will more than likely slip in a few targeted ads amidst the itinerary of entertainment. As Gizmodo points out, however, those targeted ads may prove useful in a few select cases, such as when you’re traveling in a new city and need a recommendation for a nearby restaurant or bar. If you’re not interested in dinner recommendations or reminders to turn the heat on at home from your smartphone app, Uber assures that users will be in total control and “will be able to turn off the feature app at any point if it’s not useful.”

With the new Trip Experiences feature now available on Uber’s API, you can expect to see the option for curated content popping up in an increasing number of third-party apps over the next several months.

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Photo Credit: NY Times

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