Amazon Prime Now Offers 20 Percent Discounts on New Video Games

Amazon Prime 20 Percent Discounts on New Video Games.

New video games don’t come cheap. You’ve got to pay to play. But if you’re hoping to pay significantly less for brand-new video games, it may really pay to sign up for Amazon Prime.

Any old retail store can offer you discounts on last year’s video games. Amazon Prime is jumping ahead of the pack with a discount program for members of its subscription-based service. Amazon Prime members can now save 20 percent on games even before the release date. The program not only includes brand-new video games (within 2 weeks of the release date), but also pre-orders on games that aren’t even out yet. While competitors like Best Buy and GameStop have programs with savings that are at times comparable to Amazon Prime’s, a streaming service featuring Golden Globe-nominated programming and expedited shipping aren’t included in the price tag.

If you’re not keen on throwing down $99 for some sizable savings, let’s crunch the numbers. An avid gamer who buys a half-dozen video games a year (that retail for the standard $60 price tag) will pretty much break even on the $99 one-year subscription, and that’s without factoring in the value of everything else Amazon Prime has to offer.

There are some caveats to Amazon Prime’s video game discounts, albeit minor ones. The 20 percent discount only applies to physical copies. And while the discounts do include limited-edition games, they don’t cover game bundles or console bundles. All in all, subscribing to Amazon Prime is still a no-brainer for any gamer looking to cop the latest titles and save a little coin in the process.

If you’re pondering your first Amazon Prime purchase, the upcoming Street Fighter V should be at the top of your list.

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