DJ Mustard Brings Popular Tagline to Life with New PINTRILL Collaboration

If you’ve been anywhere near the radio over the past five years, then you’ve probably heard a DJ Mustard-produced song. They’re club oriented, have highly infectious hooks, and almost always start with his famous tagline: “Mustard on the beat, hoe.” To make this L.A. producer’s presence even more clear, PINTRILL debuted a 3-pin set as homage to the aforementioned statement.

The set of a bottle of mustard, a beet, and a garden hoe pin come right on time as DJ Mustard promotes his newest song “Whole Lotta Lovin’” featuring Travis Scott. Like the collaboration, the dance-inspired song finds the producer exploring new territory. “This coming album is not the regular Mustard,” he told Vice. “It’s not so much dance, but we’re going to tap into everything. I love music, so I want to try making all types of it. I’m doing whatever feels good.”

Fans won’t have to wait long to cop these pins being that the collaboration launched today at noon EST. The 3-pin set is being sold for $32, and is available in limited quantities. If all three aren’t what you’re looking for then each pin can be purchased separately for $12 each.

Take a look at the collaboration above.

Photo Credit: Roc Nation

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