Google Maps’ “Driving Mode” Predicts Your Next Destination and Gives You Traffic Updates

Google Maps rolls out Driving Mode for Android.

Google has long helped us find the answers we seek and the directions we need. After years of telling us how to get where we’re going, the tech giant is introducing “Driving Mode,” a new Google Maps feature for Android that predicts where we want to go before we even ask.

Using your web history and recently searched locations, Driving Mode proactively suggests your next destination based on your current location, the time of day, and the day of the week. Driving Mode’s benefit to the user comes in the form of traffic updates and travel routes that will help you reach your destination quicker, and with less hassle. Whether it’s the gym you go to for a morning workout on certain days of the week, or the sports bar you hit up every Sunday during football season, Google Maps’ Driving Mode will recognize the trends and help you plan accordingly.

Driving Mode also gets smarter the more you use it. Every address you manually enter will help Google Maps to better predict your destination the next time you use the Driving Mode app. Adding to the feature’s convenience, users can enjoy the perks of Driving Mode from within the Google Maps app or add a shortcut to their home screen for quicker access.

Your smartphone knows a lot about you. Like it or not, you might as well use that to your advantage. Thanks to Google Maps’ new Driving Mode feature, Android users (stay tuned to see if the feature extends to iOS) can now do just that with what is essentially a GPS that knows your routine and gives you traffic-based directions to cut down your travel time.


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