Kevin Hart Told Us His Favorite Ice Cube Movies Are “Boogie Nights” and “Apocalypse Now” [VIDEO]

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube

Welcome back, folks. Yesterday I released the first part of our interview with the cast of Ride Along 2. In it, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Ken Jeong, Olivia Munn and others all confessed their go-to car aux cord essentials and tales of passenger seat woes. Today I bring you another rather insightful interview with the film’s lead stars, Cube and Hart. The two have such a genuine onscreen presence that I had to find out what they thought about each other’s filmography. So I did; I asked them what their favorite movie was that the other starred in. And well…you can watch the video to see their answers.

Tim Story’s anticipated Ride Along 2 cruises into theaters this Friday. The sequel picks up where Ride Along left off, with Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) graduating from the police academy and putting together last-minute wedding details with his fiancée Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter), while James Payton (Ice Cube) struggles to cope with his soon-to-be brother-in-law’s existence. Days before  tying the knot, Ben and James are assigned to a case in Miami and tasked with the hefty responsibility of bringing down a powerful drug lord named Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt).

I’ll be back tomorrow with the third and final segment from my interview where I discuss Ride Along 2 in depth with the cast of Ride Along 2.

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