Siri Can Beatbox, But It’s Pretty Pathetic [VIDEO]

Here's how to make Siri beatbox.

Our mobile devices acquire surprising new skills on a regular basis. Google Maps now has predictive technology and your Apple Watch doubles as a universal remote. While the aforementioned functions are unquestionably practical, Siri’s latest talent is purely for our disappointment amusement. You’d never guess it, but Siri can beatbox (sort of).

Ask Siri to beatbox and it will hit you with a little something it claims it’s “been practicing.” Unfortunately, Siri’s beatboxing skills are lackluster to say the least. It’s idea of beatboxing is to repeat “boots and cats” on a loop. According to beatboxing tutorials, the words are used as a popular training exercise for novice level beatboxers.

Judging from Siri’s performance in the video above, it clearly hasn’t logged anywhere near the 10,000 hours associated with mastery in any given field (see this guy). Needless to say, Ex Machina‘s Ava would leave Siri in the dust. But the premise of Siri beatboxing is still amusing and it does get better if you ask it to beatbox in Japanese. So there’s that.

Watch the video up top to see Siri prove it can “beatbox.” Hopefully Siri puts more time into its next hobby.



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