Isaiah Rashad Returns with New Video, “Smile” [VIDEO]

Isaiah Rashad

TDE fans received good news earlier this month when Top Dawg took to social media to announce the return of Isaiah Rashad. The Tennessee lyricist impressed many back in 2014 with his debut project, Cilvia Demo, but failed to resurface last year. That was until he released a song titled “Nelly” in September that instantly highlights the skills he once flexed.

“Smile,” which was teased by TDE last week, is just the same. Shortly after releasing the record, which acts as an ode to one of his friends, Isaiah lets loose a dimly lit visual to add to its vibe. “ My n*gga made it back home/ Pocket full of money/ Them n*ggas might smile when they see him,” he raps. The second verse strikes harder as he touches on the topics of dysfunctional families and prayer.

Just two weeks into the new year, and TDE is already having an epic run. There’s Dave Free’s feature in Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy dominance, and new music heading our way from Isaiah Rashad. Though there’s no word on the official follow-up to Cilvia Demo, there’s a definite chance it’s in the works.

Watch Isaiah Rashad sets his year in motion with “Smile.”

Photo Credit: bluntiq

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