Matt Barnes Promises To Run Derek Fisher’s Fade When He’s Retired

Matt Barnes Promises To See Derek Fisher When He Retires

On Saturday night, the New York Knicks will travel to Memphis to take on the Grizzlies. During most seasons, that game isn’t exactly must-see TV but this isn’t most seasons. As has been well documented, during the NBA’s pre-season Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes and Knicks coach Derek Fisher were embroiled in a love triangle involving Barnes’ estranged wife Gloria Govan.

That entire mess culminated in Barnes famously driving 95 miles from Santa Barbara, CA—where the Grizzlies were holding training camp—to Los Angeles to shoot the fair one with the Knicks head coach, who was staying with Govan at the time. Barnes faced a two-game suspension for the fight.

Although one can’t expect too many fireworks tomorrow night when the two face each other for the first time, Barnes is making it clear that he plans to catch his former teammate in traffic.

“I know I got to keep my mouth shut because then he’ll run and tell,” Barnes said to reporters about Fisher. “So we’re focused on playing that team [the Knicks]. And when I’m retired, him and I will cross paths again.”

The NBA has let it be known that if Fisher and Barnes do act on any animosity during the game that the two could face even more punishment from the league office. Barnes, being a captain of team no-f**ks-given, may not heed the warning.
“I never wish for another man’s downfall. I always knew the NBA would come down hard on me, so I wasn’t surprised… Cause I’m the bad guy.” Two of Barnes’ teammates – Mario Chalmers and Courtney Lee – had a different theory that they shouted in the background of the interview. “Because you won [the fight].” “Probably,” Barnes responded, “because I didn’t snitch.”

The Knicks take on the Grizzlies tomorrow night in Memphis at 8pm EST.

Photo Credit: Daily News.

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