Rumor: Apple Watch 2 Release Date Pushed Back

Apple Watch 2 release date delayed.

Initial buzz about the Apple Watch 2 indicated that the second-generation wearable would be introduced this coming March. According to 9t05Mac, there are rumors that early production of the next Apple Watch will begin at supplier Qanta later this month. TechCrunch is also reporting that its numerous sources claim Apple will debut several revisions to the current Apple Watch model in the near future, but we probably won’t see a full “Watch 2.0” at a March 2016 event.

Being that the Apple Watch is still in its first generation, there’s no pattern which can predict when Apple intends to ship the Apple Watch 2. And while a new iPhone comes around every fall like clockwork, a new smart watch may not be something consumers want to upgrade every year. If the Apple Watch 2 were introduced in September – almost two years since the debut of its predecessor – that may help Apple avoid the pitfalls of consumer exhaustion.

TechCrunch‘s sources have hinted that Apple may still have something in the works for the spring. If the tech giant does host an event in March, it could involve Apple Watch accessories and/or improvements to the current model – like the rumored FaceTime camera. The event could also center around the unveiling of a new iPad or iPhone. When it comes to Apple, however, anything is subject to change.

Stay tuned for what Apple has in store for the second-generation Apple Watch. In the meantime, there are ways to start enjoying your current Apple Watch a little bit more.

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  • Dealzguy

    This exactly is the biggest reason I returned my Apple watch after 3 weeks. The second gen hopes to increase the 1 work day battery life, have its own Nano SIM slot to work independently of the phone and probably thinner. Now who upgrades $700 and above watch every year? gen2 limited edition for $20k anyone ? Ridiculous. If watch is valued as a piece of jewelry ( Omega, Rolex, Tag etc) or a valuable tool ( Casio Pathfinders, Timex, Citizen Ecodrive multi function) which almost requires no battery replacement or charging every night, Apple watch is an epic failure. Not all things will succeed like iphone Apple!

  • Striptaway

    Down and down you go, round and round you go waiting for that thing called failure.