Exclusive: Pusha T Talks New “Autobiographies” Doc, “King Push,” Hints at Possible “Cruel Summer,” and More

Pusha T G.O.O.D. Music Autobiographies

STASHED: What was this like for you to see yourself tell such a personal story? I mean you got really, really personal.

Pusha T: As I was filming it, I mean I remember the day very clearly. Everyone was vibing and it was cool because it was just another day in my life. But as I sat down here, man it got so emotional! And you know to be in a different setting and watching myself talk about it, it struck a nerve left and right. I don’t know – I guess it wasn’t bothering me or just the way it was coming out that particular day. But watching it onscreen was a whole different experience. A bit heart-wrenching. THAT’S RIGHT – PUSHA T: HEART WRENCHING.

STASHED: When it does premiere, are you nervous for what people might say?

Pusha T: No no, I think they’re going to like it and understand it. Especially my fans – they’ve been going on this journey with me for a very long time. Those were major things for them, like especially my brother and I not being a group anymore. It was major for my core group. Man they’re still bothering me about it! Every day I hear it. I hope this documentary gives them a little bit of insight and I hope they at least get to see a little bit of my perspective on the situation.

STASHED: You got personal with this and you got extremely personal on your new album. Is this a new journey of self-discovery for you?

Pusha T: I feel like that was always the dichotomy of the Clipse. I feel like my brother was always the more introspective one so I was determined to keep that going as a solo artist. I have a thing about my fans feeling cheated by not having the Clipse so I try to do my best Malice impersonation for them. I’m playing a double role – just for them!

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