Apple’s Free “Music Memos” App Is a Sketch Pad and Recorder For Musicians

Apple releases Music Memos app for musicians.

Apple is doing more than delivering quality audio this year, it’s also helping you make it. In conjunction with today’s release of the new GarageBand, the tech giant has introduced Music Memos, a free iOS app for musicians and songwriters.

Apple’s Music Memos is more than a few steps up from recording on your iPhone’s standard Voice Memo app. The app is designed specifically with musicians in mind, especially those who are crafting and recording songs on the move. Features including one-touch recording can be quickly accessed, while the ability to tag songs by sound, location, or a rating of your choosing, makes it easy to find your music files later.

Music Memos doesn’t just record vocals. The app also records chords and keys from instruments, and then gives you the ability to tune those same instruments, as well as analyze the rhythm of your track, or add in a backing band. Any data on notes that the app picks up gets applied to the tracks you record.

Other valuable features of the Music Memos app include integration with Logic and GarageBand. Users can open Music Memos in one of the programs and make their recorded tracks into a song right away with no hassle. Once a song is completed, users can conveniently share it directly from the Music Memos app to YouTube, SoundCloud, or even Apple Music’s built-in social network, Connect.

If you’re a musician or songwriter who doesn’t have the latest iPhone or iPad, don’t sweat it. Music Memos works with iPhones 4s and later, as well as the iPad 2 and later.

Apple’s Music Memos is available now in the App Store.

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