EXCLUSIVE: A$AP Ferg Shares Thoughts on “Autobiographies” Doc, New Collection, and More

A$AP Ferg

Being unique has never been something that A$AP Ferg has been afraid of. Growing up on the streets of Harlem, New York, isn’t exactly the easiest feat for a young creative – particularly when you’re expected to portray a certain image in order to avoid being singled out. But for A$AP Ferg, who has always believed in the arts, none of those standards applied to him, as he’s made it a point to always remain true to himself regardless of presumed backlash. “When you’re yourself, you’re adding color to the world,” said Ferg exclusively to STASHED. “Everybody is unique, so why would you want to be gray? Be a green, or a pink, or a yellow.”

Ferg opens up about this and more to Vice for their upcoming Autobiographies series, where viewers can catch a rare glimpse into the mind of the A$AP Mob member. Through it all, the young rapper remains true to himself, relying on his art to help him get through the toughest of times, including when he suddenly lost his father. “I see him in me, every time I look in the mirror,” said Ferg. “I see him in my art all the time. He’s there.” Much like Pusha T, watching the documentary for the first time was a bit emotional for him, particularly because of the setting he was in. “This is actually the first time that I’m seeing this – in a room full of people,” said Ferg. “I wasn’t worried though because everything I was speaking with the truth. You know my mother could even vouch for this. They can contest to that.” The “New Level” rapper also talks about the pressures of producing his sophomore album, discusses his upcoming denim collection with Citizens Of Humanity’s AGOLDE, and gives us a few tidbits on what he thinks makes for good style.

Check out our brief but inspiring interview with Ferg by hitting the jump below. Also, be sure to check out his insightful Autobiographies episode by downloading Verizon’s go90 app, available at the App Store and on Google Play. And in case you missed it, check out our exclusive interview with Pusha T, where he talks King Push and his very special episode of Autobiographies, here.

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