Facebook Debuts “Sports Stadium” Feature, UberX Lands At LAX, Astronomers Find Evidence of Ninth Planet

Facebook launches Sports Stadium feature for sports talk.


Oh, we talking teams? Facebook is making a play to be the online destination for your conversations about sports. The social network has launched “Sports Stadium,” a new feature that lets users follow and discuss sports matches, headlines, and commentary.

Facebook is billing “Sports Stadium” as an in-app hub for all your water-cooler sports talk. The feature provides users with play-by-play coverage of sporting events, as well as commentary from analysts and, of course, your fellow sports junkies. With sports being among the most popular topics of conversation on social media, “Sports Stadium” should be a great weapon in Facebook’s fight to increase user engagement. Although Facebook has a far greater reach than Twitter, it will still have to contend with the micro-blogging platform’s “Twitter Moments” feature, which launched last year as an in-app hub for following live events and trending news.

Facebook isn’t pushing “Sports Stadium” across your timeline just yet. While the company plans to give the feature prime real estate in the near future, for now users can access the sports hub by simply searching for a particular game. The feature is currently only available to users in the U.S. who have the Facebook for iOS app. It’s limited to football for the time being, but Facebook says it “will support other sports around the world like basketball, soccer, and more soon” and roll out on mediums beyond the iOS app in the coming weeks.

The introduction of Facebook’s “Sports Stadium” feature marks another big step towards the company’s mission to make the social network a one-stop shop for all your interests. Late last year, Facebook catered to music fans with the debut of its music discovery and sharing tool, “Music Stories.”


If you’re looking for a warm winter destination in the lower 48 states, it doesn’t get much better than Los Angeles. They’ve got the women, the weed, and of course, the weather, but the one thing Kendrick Lamar failed to mention on wax is that LAX has never allowed UberX to make pickups on site. Luckily for those of us that travel to Los Angeles, the city’s airport is finally waving in the ride-hailing company.

Starting Thursday, January 21, UberX cars will be allowed to take ride requests from customers seeking transportation from LAX. UberX pickups will be made at designated spots on the departures level, rather than at arrivals. While riders have been able to hail Uber Black rides from LAX for some time, catching an UberX to downtown L.A. can be up to $50 cheaper. Even with LAX charging customers a $4 fee per UberX pickup, this should prove to be one of the more fiscally responsible and convenient rides into town from LAX.

Both Uber and its chief rival, Lyft, waded through months of negotiations with LAX and the L.A. city council before finally getting approval to pick up clients at the airport that handled approximately 200,000 passengers per day during last year’s Thanksgiving holiday rush.

In other Uber news, the company is rolling out a new “Trip Experiences” feature that will give riders curated news, music and other content curated specifically to their trip.


Our solar system has been down a man since Pluto was ruled unfit to be an official planet in 2006. Now, two astronomers at CalTech believe they’ve found evidence of a ninth planet in our solar system – and the would-be Pluto replacement isn’t a scrawny one with tape on its glasses.

While no images of the theoretical “Planet Nine” have been captured thus far, there are some notable factors that indicate its existence. Initially tipped off by its gravitational influence on other known objects, astronomers believe that Planet Nine is a gaseous planet about twice the size of Earth and about 5,000 times the size of Pluto.

The next piece of evidence needed to confirm Planet Nine’s existence and validity as a planet would be to photograph it. This step will present astronomers with a challenge, since they have been able to predict Planet Nine’s orbit but haven’t pinpointed where the planet is actually located along its orbit. That task will require extra patience considering that the planet is though to have an unusually lengthy orbit (the planet would take between 10,000 and 20,000 years to complete a trip around the sun) and the unique distinction of facing a different direction than every other planet in our solar system. Time to fire up the Hubble.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ Caltech/ R. Hurt (IPAC)

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