Destructo Taps Ty Dolla Sign and ILoveMakonnen for “4 Real” [VIDEO]


DJs are bringing more diversity to some of today’s hottest hip-hop and R&B artists. Last week, we heard Travis Scott over DJ Mustard’s dance-inspired production on “Whole Lotta Lovin.” Justin Bieber returned with “What Do You Mean.” And Pusha T tried his hands at EDM several times on Yogi and Skrillex’s “Burial” and Axwell and Ingrosso’s “This Time.”

Now, Ty Dolla Sign and ILoveMakonnen are taking on an electronic beat with the help of Destructo. The DJ tapped both artists for his newest song, “4 Real.” “[Ty Dolla $ign] just started singing, ‘I’m for real’ ‘I’m for real’ over this beat we had written,” he told FADER. “I had already spoken to Makonnen about the track, so Ty shouted him out. Makonnen then returned the favor. After we got all the vocals back we were like dam we need to make this track the best it can be.”

All three creatives come together for “4 Real’s” bright and fast-paced visual.  And the story isn’t anything close to what you’d expect after hearing the song. There’s a woman on a pole, a man with a knife in his back, and tons of body paint for viewing pleasure.

Hear Ty Dolla Sign and ILoveMakonnen rhyme over Destructo’s beat above.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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