ESPN Suspends Bob Ryan For Calling Mark Jackson A “Bible-Pounding Phony”

ESPN Suspends Bob Ryan For Calling Mark Jackson A "Bible-Pounding Phony"

The Sports Reporter and Around The Horn regular, Bob Ryan, has been suspended by ESPN for calling fellow colleague Mark Jackson a “bible-pounding phony” and “con man,” among other insults, on the Dan Le Batard Show. Jackson, a former head coach of the Golden State Warriors, is co-pastor of a church with his wife.

However, Jackson had an affair with an ex-stripper who later extorted him with pictures of his penis which allegedly had to do with the Warriors’ organization eventually letting go of him as coach. Although Ryan’s assumptions of Jackson might have a bit of truth to them, it didn’t stop “The Worldwide Leader In Sports” from dropping the hammer on him.

The day after his remarks, Ryan tweeted: “I made personal & disparaging radio remarks about Mark Jackson that were way over the top. Have reached out to Mark with my sincere apology.” ESPN issued a statement the next day, January 8, saying “Bob’s comments were inappropriate and personal. We have addressed it with him. He recognizes he was wrong.”

Ryan made no appearances on ESPN between January 6, the day of his comments, and yesterday, when he returned to ESPN for the Sports Reporter. Ryan is scheduled to be back on Around The Horn twice this week.

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