Spotify Video Service Launches For iOS and Android

Spotify Video Service Launch on iOS and Android

Back in May, Spotify teased new features that it promised would deliver the streaming service’s “most entertaining” user experience ever. It’s been a long wait since the reveal, but it appears that the Swedish company is finally ready to branch out beyond music.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Spotify is set to launch its video streaming service this week, beginning with Android users. The new video product will feature original content from a variety of partners, including ESPN, ABC, Comedy Central, Vice News, Adult Swim and BBC. According to Spotify, Android users in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden will be the first to enjoy the new video service. An expansion to iOS (by the end of next week) and other markets will soon follow.

While testing its video product in the four launch markets over the last several months, Spotify made some valuable discoveries. One such finding was that the company was offering users too many ways to find video. Hence, the final video product will feature bundled content with labels like “News of the Week” and “Laughs at Lunch.”

Spotify knows that it’s going to take some time for the consumers of a historically music-themed service to adapt to its video product. “Obviously our primary user is a music fan, and they are not necessarily leaning in and looking into the app,” admits Spotify Vice President Shiva Rajaraman. “So there are no particular recipes for how to get this right.”

It’s unclear how Spotify plans to monetize its new video service. There will be no advertising at launch. For the time being, video content will serve as more of a strategic play to help Spotify compete against the likes of streaming rivals Apple Music and Google. However, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has gone on record saying video will be “an important revenue source” for the company in the future.

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