Watch Bo Dallas Body Flo Rida in A Rap Battle On WWE RAW

Watch Bo Dallas Body Flo Rida in A Rap Battle On RAW

Flo Rida has been a fixture on WWE television for a number of years. He famously made an appearance at WrestleMania 28 alongside The Rock to perform prior to his entrance, and sucker-punched WWE superstar Heath Slater prior to that. Flo Rida quickly found out, however, that God forgives, but Slater don’t.

As WWE announced Flo Rida’s “My House” as an official song for WrestleMania, and pointed out the rapper in the front row of Miami’s Raw, that caught the attention of Slater’s Social Outcasts which include Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel and Adam Rose. Naturally, the crew invited Flo into the ring for a rap battle.

What happened next should become the stuff of legend, and should be the sole reason that the Social Outcasts (or the White New Day) should be pushed to the moon. Bo Dallas transformed into his rapper alter-ego, “Bo-Rida,” and proceeded to put the Miami-raised rapper in the spin cycle with some fire bars.

It’s not to say that Bo Dallas was that amazing, but more so that Flo Rida is really awful. In certain situations, I enjoy hearing Flo Rida. In a club, in a bar, during karaoke, and other mindless activities where I don’t have to think too much seem to all fall in line with times I don’t mind hearing about apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur. A rap battle, however, is not one of them and Flo was absolutely set up for failure. At certain points, it absolutely looked like Flo Rida forgot his lines and almost went full “Papa Doc” in a WWE ring before the Dudley Boyz came to save him from any further embarrassment.

Check out the footage last night from WWE RAW in the video below.

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