Samsung May Launch Phone Upgrade Program Similar To Apple’s

Samsung may debut phone upgrade program with Galaxy S7.

The competition between Samsung and Apple is never-ending. The two tech giants are always trying to checkmate each other. Last fall, Apple rolled out its carrier-free iPhone upgrade plan that allows customers to get the latest iPhone every year after paying 12 installments (the amount varies depending on the phone model). The plan, which requires you to sign a 24-month contract, is comparable with those offered by major carriers. Now, South Korea’s Electronic Times is reporting that Samsung may be looking to make a similar play by launching a phone upgrade program of its own.

Samsung’s phone upgrade program could debut as early as March, when the company plans to release the Galaxy S7 smartphone in South Korea. The program would be positioned as a kind of ongoing phone rental service, in which customers are allowed to upgrade their phone to the latest Samsung smartphone every 12 months. As with Apple’s phone upgrade program, the phones would be unlocked, hence not locking customers down to any one carrier.

According to the Electronic Times report, Samsung could possibly be offered in other countries following its debut in South Korea. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to be launching in the United States on March 11, but it seems unlikely that Samsung will want to rush to bring the program stateside that quickly. Should the program launch in South Korea in early March as speculated, Samsung may want to use its home country as a testing ground before moving on to larger markets.

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Photo Credit: Samsung Mobile

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