Listen to J. Cole’s “Forest Hills Drive Live” Right Now [STREAM]

J. Cole

It’s been impossible to overlook J. Cole. He’s been on a winning streak as of late with a huge tour that wrapped up in August, a recently aired HBO documentary titled Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming Concert, the critically acclaimed “Black Friday Freestyle,” and now a brand-new album.

Yesterday, the Fayetteville artist debuted Forest Hills Drive Live. The LP was recorded when Cole performed at his homecoming concert this summer at the Crown Coliseum. While fans get to experience his latest album on a completely different level, they’ll also get a taste of “Lights Please,” “In The Morning” and “Nobody’s Perfect,” which are all featured on Cole’s past projects.

“I’m mad grateful to have my dream career of putting words together, flipping samples, and making projects that make you feel something,” he wrote in an open letter.

Earlier this month, J. Cole premiered a mini-series titled “Road to Homecoming.” Each of the five parts document key moments from the year leading up to its release. It supplies insight into his artistry from the people around him. It also gives an exclusive look at everything leading up to his tours, and the homecoming concert that’s heard on his newest LP.

Listen to Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming Concert in its entirety below.


Photo Credit: J. Cole Music

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