Aaron Hernandez Writes Insane Prison Letter To Fan With Suicide Suggestions

Aaron Hernandez's Prison Letter Gives Suicide Tips To Fan

Disgraced former New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez, is once again in the headlines. In a jailhouse letter written to a penpal obtained by TMZ, the convicted murderer wrote about still being a fan of his former team and watching games from jail. However, he did have nothing but bad things to say about his former boss, Pats owner Robert Kraft.

“…I actually could watch TV and the games; I have a TV in my cell! And yes I still root for my squad and still love all the ones I loved,” Hernandez wrote. “The closest I was with was probably [Tom] Brady [and] whom I love to death and always will and only hope the best for them. But was cool with Julez [Edelman], [Deion] Branch (I fucked with and got mad love for) and ‘the BEST TE ever to walk on a football field’ Gronk!”

“…fake ass non loyal [Robert] Kraft who told me he loved me every time he seen me but obviously shows his word ain’t shit,” Hernandez would go on to say in the letter.

That isn’t the craziest part of the letter, however. Hernandez would go on to chastise the writer of the letter while calling her dumb for providing her home address. He would go on to suggest several ways for the letter writer, and “fake fans” like her, to kill herself which include the following:

  1. “Tie a cinderblock to your ankles and jump in a deep body of water!”
  2. “Make a noose, tie it from the railing of a second level staircase, put your neck through it, make sure its very tight and jump!”
  3. “Buy the most powerfall (sic) firecrackers in the world that’s possible to buy, tie it to your face with duct tape, light it and wait for your head to explode.”

Yeah, this isn’t really the thing you want to hear from a guy who is serving life without parole while awaiting another trail for the killing of two Boston men in 2012.

Read the entire eerie letter obtained by TMZ below.

Aaron Hernandez

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

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