Eagles Are Being Trained To Take Out Dangerous Drones [VIDEO]


As drones continue to grow in popularity, so do the ways people are using them. Some of the most intriguing ways that drones are being put to use these days include marijuana deliverydrone racing, and a world record-setting light show. While those reasons and many more are proof that drones can enhance our quality of life, there are those who would seek to use a UAV for wrongdoing. Contingencies like a drone-killing laser cannon already exist to combat such threats, but sometimes brute force isn’t the best solution. It’s for these such occasions that the Dutch National Police are training eagles to take down illegal and potentially dangerous drones.

Dutch authorities are working in collaboration with raptor training company Ground From Above to teach eagles to snatch up illegal drones like they would their prey in the wild. Should the trial prove successful, these trained eagles would be deployed during emergencies where sending a drone to do the job could endanger people on the ground below.

The Dutch National Police website reveals that authorities have already taught an eagle to ID an IDJ drone. Once the bird sees its target, it locks on to the drone with its talons and then transports it to a safe location. Currently, the one drawback of using this method to take down potentially dangerous drones is that the eagles still run the risk of having their talons damaged by drone rotors. A spokesperson for the Dutch National Police said that they are exploring ways to better protect the birds over the course of the ongoing trials.

The Dutch police force is also testing out a safety net method of intercepting drones. This method however, is less favorable than using an eagle, since the net gives authorities no control over where an intercepted drone is grounded.

Check out the video above to get a closer look at how one of nature’s finest hunters can help keep potentially dangerous drones out of the sky.



Photo Credit: Imgur.com

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