Cam Newton Has A Perfectly Logical Reason For Rocking Those Versace Pants


As the Carolina Panthers got ready to board their flights to Santa Clara, CA, for Super Bowl 50, there was one thing that fans couldn’t stop talking about. The likely NFL MVP, Cam Newton, threw on some rather interesting-looking pants on the way to the airport that had him looking like Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 12.

While the Internet got their joke on at the expense of Cam’s fashion choices, the Panthers’ franchise quarterback had a perfectly logical reason for wearing the pants that he wore as he took questions at opening night of Super Bowl 50 week last night.

“It’s Super Bowl 50,” Newton said to NFL media reporter and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders. “The mantra of the colors are black and gold. The black-and-gold attire that I had in my closet was extremely limited. So I looked at my pants, and I said these are black and gold and these shoes are black and gold to tie along with the whole Super Bowl 50 black and gold.”

Let’s get one thing straight here. When you lead a team to a 24-2 record over the past two years, are about to win the NFL’s MVP award,  and are one game away from being Super Bowl champions, you can wear whatever the hell you want. Also, those crazy trousers will run you close to $849 bucks a pop.

Sanders went on to describe the pants as “must-win pants.” To that, Newton replied “every time I put on an attire, every single morning of my life, it’s a must-win attire,” Newton said. “Trust me.” The Panthers take on the Denver Broncos this Sunday at Super Bowl 50 on the CBS Network.

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