Watch the Best Moments From Lion Babe’s Special NYC Listening Event for “BEGIN” [VIDEO]

Lion Babe

Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman of Lion Babe are no strangers to a good time. If you’ve ever had the chance to check out the New York-based duo’s tunes then you know they’re likely providing the proper soundtrack for a jamming party. And that’s just what happened last night at The Roxy Hotel in New York City.

STASHED and Afropunk hosted a packed listening event for Lion Babe’s debut LP, BEGIN. It’s an effort Jillian describes as “Everything that we stand for and everything that we love.” The world was introduced to the duo with “Treat Me Like Fire.” Since then, they’ve followed with the Pharrell-assisted “Wonder Women,” “Impossible,” and “Where Do We Go.”

Fans were able to witness Lion Babe’s undeniable chemistry and impressive dance moves as their 14-track effort soundtracked the night. “This is a very special time for us right now. I’m just so glad you guys are all here to celebrate it with us,” said Lucas. Moments later, Jillian recapped their journey, stating “It’s just been one of the most exciting, challenging, exhilarating, growing, enriching experiences being Lion Babe, and having that happen. It really was an unexpected thing, and the universe brought us together.”

Relive this NYC listening event up above.

Photo Credit: aclfestival

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